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Download: Sekai no Owari Twilight City Acoustic Corner [MP3]

I watched SekaOwa's Twilight City a fortnight ago and I loved their Acoustic Corner so much where Fukase and Saori performed Pierrot, and Fukase and Nakajin performed Snow Magic Fantasy.

Of course I'd want an MP3 of those so I ripped 'em off my copy because beautiful! Right? Right! My Twilight City post (amongst other things) isn't posted yet cause my wi-fi has been messing around and it's not quite okay yet, so for me, this is kind of late but hey.

I think I'm not the only who love the acoustic versions of the songs so I'm sharing it with everyone! <3 I have a weak heart for acoustics after all.

Enjoy! :)

Get Pierrot here and Snow Magic Fantasy here.

**Shared Earth Album before but my LJ's been locked for months now so just drop me a message/comment so I can make it public for those who still want it.
**Comment if taking~
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Oh yay! Thank you! Taking them!