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ruuriiiii ([personal profile] ruuriiiii) wrote2015-10-31 09:44 am


Hi, you, who stumbled upon my LJ! I apologise if the posts are f-locked. This used to be public but I think I got shy along the way so I decided to make it private. Heh. Sorry again.

My LJ just houses all my Arashi spazzing, fangirling and the likes. I mostly write about the plethora of feelings I feel about a certain good-looking idol with cute moles and hamburger hands. (I always say that Japan is so lucky to have him.) Also, about Ohmiya (you've been warned). Generally about my five-coloured niji and all the geeky, nerdy, odd, lonely things that I love; there are too many. Methinks my self-introduction (ew!) post is left public(?) and all the stuff and people that I'm a fan of is indicated there.

So! Just comment or leave me a message should you want to be friends or be added back and want to fangirl over the aforementioned things. :)